Demi sec

A rich discovery

The Demi-Sec cuvée reflects the style and values of the Taittinger House. This seductive and complex champagne, is a delight to discover or rediscover.

The Demi-Sec is made with 40% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir and 25% Pinot Meunier. The grapes are sourced from 40 different vineyards and multiple harvests, and are matured to perfection. The wine is cellar-aged for over five years before being disgorged. With a dosage of 33g/litre of sugar, this differentiates it from the Brut Réserve, providing it with a specific sweetness to favour its pairing with desserts.

Demi Sec


The Demi-Sec cuvéee is a perfect accompaniment for many dessert dishes including chocolate cake, almond tart or warm madeleines. It also makes for other excellent pairings (whether a match of love or convenience): with blue cheeses or with fine pâtés served with gingerbread toasted brioche. And it makes a perfect accompaniment for lightly spiced dishes such as Chinese or Mexican!

You only need to trust your sense of smell and taste. Admire the dazzling golden straw robe, enhanced with an exquisite effervescence and persistent bubbles. Relish the delicate aromas of honey, marzipan and sweetened fruit, underlined with citrus and meringue notes.
Savour the vibrant, suave attack with a predominance of citrus, accentuated with dry fig and peaches in syrup. Allow the supple, sweet velvety finish to surge and swell. And, now, open your eyes…