Prestige Rosé

Intense sophistication

This champagne is remarkably vibrant and sophisticated. Its taste reveals a subtle balance between the freshness and structure of the ever-present red fruit, making it full-bodied and smooth. Its strong character is also shown in its delightfully unique, intense, shimmering colour. A superbly blended rosé.

Champagne Prestige rosé Taittinger


The Taittinger Prestige Rosé cuvee stands out instantly with its intense, shimmering colour; the secret of which lies in its composition and delicate formulation.

Around 15% of the blend is in fact still red wine from the best Pinots Noirs of the Montagne de Reims, giving this cuvee its unique colour and its sweet intense taste. The high proportion of Chardonnay (30 %) completes the blend and creates the elegance and sophistication expected from a champagne by Taittinger. The nose is strong and expressive, characterised by the aroma of freshly crushed wild strawberries, cherries and blackcurrants. The addition of its delicate bubbles brings four words to mind: vibrancy, fruitiness, freshness and acidity - characteristics which only a great rosé blend can offer.