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A cause for celebration

From time to time, life strays from its course and slows down, simply to focus on a single moment. These fragile, fleeting moments are intense, special and sweet. They suspend the passage of time and imprint images, smells, tastes and shared feelings on our memories. Taittinger is proud to be able to enhance, and to sometimes even create, the warm feelings which surround such captivating occasions. This is the reason our Champagne House has partnered with creative events and unique occasions, ranging from the Paris Opera, the FIFA World Cup™ and the Montreal Jazz Festival to the BAFTAs. All have a mutual sense of passion, excellence, sharing and the enjoyment of celebration...


A global celebration

The FIFA World Cup™ is a truly global event. The 20th edition of this competiton took place in Brazil in 2014, and the global television audiences broke all records.

3.2 billion people watched it on television, with over a billion people watching the final alone. The FIFA World Cup™ is a great time to share a message of joy and emotion. It showcases talent and passion in the pursuit of excellence which can transcend differences and unite people with a common sense of culture and community. This ethos, which resonates so well with that of our Champagne House, led Taittinger to become the official champagne of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and the subsequent 2018 FIFA World Cup™...

Common values

Champagne Taittinger Coupe du Monde 2014


Taittinger, the passion of football from Reims to Moscow

The association between Taittinger and FIFA (the international governing body of football associations) began in 2013 when FIFA was first looking to affiliate with a Champagne House in preparation for its most famous event: the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

FIFA selected Taittinger for house’s close connections with the greatest hours in the history of Reims football. The family dimension of the House was no doubt another influencing factor in the final decision.

FIFA renewed its mark of trust in Taittinger with the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ and the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, along with its other key events, giving Taittinger additional opportunities as an ambassador for French culture and savoir-faire around the world.