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Celebrating the Family Spirit

Champagne Taittinger unveils its new campaign, focused on the House’s very heart and soul: the Family. Intensely elegant and full of life, this visual from the Italian photographer Massimo Vitali illustrates the historic signature of “L’Instant Taittinger”.

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The Instant When

A visual campaign dedicated to the Human

Celebrating the family spirit

With this photograph, the House evoques its roots in Champagne. The chosen location, is the birthplace of the Taittinger family journey, the Château de la Marquetterie.
Symbol of the French way of life, it is the ideal backdrop for this instant of emotion.

“As a family Champagne House, we make different decisions: we invest with our heart, we are concerned with the long-term, with preserving and developing a heritage built by previous generations so as to transmit it to future generations.
This work is necessarily very personal and intimate, with a large emotional dimension. A commitment found in the care given to our vineyards, to the human adventure and, of course, to our Champagnes.”

Pierre-Emmanuel, Clovis & Vitalie Taittinger

The Instant

Como si fuese un cuadro de Brueghel, descubrimos varios detalles que nos muestran instantes de celebración en respuesta a los muchos cuidados que se emplean en la elaboración del champagne pensando en aquellos que lo degustarán. Una sutil forma de evocar los valores de transmisión, generosidad y lealtad que definen a Taittinger.
Con este tipo de escenas que revelan su día a día, la casa de champagne invita a que cada uno viva su propio momento de emoción y generosidad, su «Instant Tattinger».