Selection on the basis of a written recipe:
- Selection is made, anonymously, by the “Taittinger” Jury, made up exclusively of chefs.
- This heat serves to select candidates admitted to the practical heats.

Practical heats
- The organization supplies the necessary ingredients as shown on the menu budgets of each candidate.
Candidates must submit their dishes in the order determined by the Jury and at the times indicated at the start of the heat.
- All candidates must stay in the kitchens from the start to finish of each heat. They must all leave together once the last dish has been presented anonymously to the Jury.

National and International Finals
- National final: see downloadable registration document.
- International competition in Paris on 29 November 2011

On the evening preceding the competition, the specific recipe of the competition is drawn by chance in front of a judge as well as a list of of ingredients form which the candidates may choose what they need to execute the recipe they must create.

- On the day of the competition each candidate disposes of 5 hours to execute his or her dish. The grading occurs on similar grounds as those used for the free recipe of the final competition.

The results are announced the same evening at a reception hosted by Champagne Taittinger to benefit the Foundation of France.