Pierre Taittinger, founder of the eponymous Champagne House, had a great passion for gastronomy. A deputy of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, near the Halles, he often let himself be guided by smells and sounds. This interest for fine dining led him to find his place in the Académie des Gastronomes: the 22nd chair, given in the 19th century to the author of the Almanach des Gourmands. Out of his desire to celebrate his love for gastronomy a contest was born. Claude Taittinger thus created, in a tribute to his father, the “Prix Culinaire International Pierre Taittinger, the first round of which took place in 1967. This Prix was immediately placed into the expert hands of great chefs — the jury. The jury is entrusted with the task of mediating, with the utmost probity, the tests that honor a cuisine that reconciles classical rules and creativity. Today the Prix is called the “Taittinger” and thus renders a double tribute: a tribute to a family tradition that endures, and to the chefs who, between them, have long since christened the contest in this name.