Fran├žois Taittinger

Demobilized in 1940, his brother, François joined the company at the start of the Second World War while continuing his studies. Despite his youth, he progressively accumulated greater responsibility and foresaw the future international competition between Champagne Houses once the war was over. The business possessed several valuable assets: historic cellars, a 50 hectare vineyard, a supply of wines of great quality – yet it needed to be more well-known and recognized. Given the absence of descendants of the Forest and Fourneaux families, François decided to make his name the official brand of the house, placing the “Taittinger” name on all of the labels. The company joined the association of the great Champagne brands and relocated to the Saint-Nicaise site in the midst of the expansion of the Champagne region. François surrounded himself with a team: his brothers Jean and Claude joined the company in 1946 and 1949, respectively.