Forest & Fourneaux

Jacques Fourneaux began his trade in 1734 in « Rheims », first by marketing still wines of the Champagne region, both red and white, then sparkling wines. He is the third in the history of champagne to engage in the trade.
The Fourneaux family worked in the export trade and in 1820 joined forces with Antoine Forest. The venture quickly prospered under the name “Forest-Fourneaux.” For a time the business occupied the Hotel le Vergeur before transferring its activity to the rue de Tambour, in the Residence of the Counts of Champagne. It was at this time that the House separated each cru and each vintage: “Vins de Sillery,” “Vins d'Aÿ,” “Vins de Bouzy”…and did not yet use the term “Champagne.”